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Well hello there!

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So I'm being told (by the new user post sticky thing) to say hello in here (see I did read the rules etc ;) )

Long time lurker so thought "what the hey, I may as well register!" plus the forum has already been a wealth of information!

Anyway, hubby and I have 2 tropical tanks, one is cycled the other we're in the process of cycling. ATM we have a peppermint Pleco (edit: for some reason this morning "Peppa" went belly up and no idea why- all test readings are fine :( )and 6 neons in the cycled tank, which will be moved over to the big tank once it's done cycling.

Im fascinated by cichlids (mainly for their colour) although they look a bit scary to keep but maybe one day, until then tropicals it will be.

Other than babies of a scaly kind, we also have a fur baby, a ragdollX human (lol) named Alyssa. She's the baby of the family and acts like it too!

I guess I'll see you all around the forum (and maybe even at the LFS!)


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