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Just sayin g'day

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Hey guys just recently found this forum and must say I was very impressed and signed up. I'm from Adelaide so I am really enjoying actually looking at all the Killa fish on here. Look forward to becoming an active forum member and learning heaps from the site. Only got the room to keep one tank these days but that should be changing in the not too distant future. It's a 3x2x1.5 and houses my green terror and Bristlenose. Love my American cichlids, used to keep and breed a few types a fair while back an am dyin to get back into it. So yeah pretty much just saying hello and introducing myself. Here's a few pics of my pride & joy.




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Welcome to qldaf mate. I'm sure u'll find plenty of good info and help on here. There are a lot of very experienced fish keepers here and some great sponsors with great deals ( that may ship to Adelaide). Nice looking G/T I'm a fan of Americans myself . That said I also keep Africans and marine.

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Thanks guys much appreciated. He's a bit bigger again now as these pics are about 3 weeks old. Will clean the glass when I do me water change tomorrow then snap a few more pics and chuck em up in the cichlid section as well as a baby pic when I first got him 6 months ago at 5cm, he's now pushin 12cm they grow so bloody slow lol. Thanks guys

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