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Thought I would share the progress on my 90L nano. Between renovating my house and my tank, I'm slowly adding more to it. Iv added more rock I just used base rock as I was over waiting for real reef rock at pet city and I didn't want live rock.

Ok ok a list of what I have now

Purple goniopora

green alveopora

Purple tip torch


2 fungias

Favia (green and purple)

pink tip cataphylia

3 pink mushrooms (look wicked)

orange eagle eye zoas (I think)

5 turbo snails

ocellaris clown (pair)


And a ****load of Copepods and amphipods haha




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Okay now that’s looking nice, so from here “if you are feeding often with planktonic style foods, keeping nutrients very low, dosing each day or so with a good product or a tiny amount of cal, mag, iron, halogens, iodine and always using some carbon and phos reduction material somewhere and both toped up or changed regularly, keep salinity no higher then 1.025, temps no higher then 25c and no lower then 23c, good flow and low to medium grade led lighting with lots of flow”, then your next step, if it was me, would be to take that base rock out “which looks good”, and look at it and work out where to put these of which all dead coral should have here and there in it, now drill around six of eight mill or slightly larger holes and three well placed holes with a ten mill to larger bit with masonry bits and not on hammer function, the eight mil holes right through it in the thick parts carefully of say six holes and half way through for the few ten mill or greater holes, then some diamond bladed angle grinder cuts of 6 mill wide by 5 to 8 mill deep here and there carefully. Then put back it back in where it suits you.

The ten mill or so holes are for acro frags, sit the frag in some cool soft wet cloth and grind the other end to fit the hole, “have a hole in a something to match what’s in the tank to test if the coral end will fit in easily” then dry the ground end with toilet paper then put on some epoxy resin or super glue gel and sit in the best suited hole and so on, the eight or so mill holes you get a few tube worms if yo like, squeeze the tube from the base till the feather end is nearly ready to protrude, cut the other part of the tube off with scissors then sit the tube in the water turned up side down to get air out, then sit the tube in the hole you want that coloured tube worm in, head end upwards of course, lol, then in a hole that is not occupied by a worm ,maybe get a little Halymenia if it suits you and shove it in the hole to set up blisters to get going on its own.

In the angle grinder cuts, gently force in some zoas or sponges or what ever to attach there.

If grinding the ends of acros scares you, get some acrylic tubing of maybe 8 mill and drill a hole in the end of the acro and glue it in and sit that pipe into a hole with glue on it and off it grows right there on your rock, not a plug.

There are so many ways to make your own spectacular live rock with out all those pain in the, “you know where” hitchhikers getting you down over time, that come with actual live rock.

When you prepare your base rock well, the sky is the limit to how it kicks live rock out of the competition!

Oh and a few shallow holes here and there and sit in some coralline scrapings, if you want it to start in certain spots!

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I will defiantly save that post to my phone so I can do it in a couple of weeks/months when the rock is seeded but yes I always remembered (and of coarse this was your opinion that you have me, you weren't telling me this is the right or wrong way) you saying go base or dead rock when I had bad experience with my first live rock and I will always do that from now on with all my reef tanks. What a headache I had with live rock I don't even want to know about live rock to tell you the truth that's just me anyway. I am going to give the sps a crack once I get the lps and softies I want positioned than il look into it.

But yer it's coming along nicely I think! All the params are where thay should be and I does what I need to every second day so there's not much fluctuations at all. I manually top water up every day ATM I just need to stop being lazy and set my ATO up but il do it soon.

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Just be aware that the carbon is mostly for sps, because they do not like softies and most lps as well.

When they are in the same water, “for long term sps health”, you need adequate toxin removal happening of they will stress from the chems the softies and lps excrete.

The chems from other types of corals wont harm them, but it makes them afraid, if you could call it that, and that type of stress will kill us in time, let alone basic inverts like corals.

They get sick from these unseen harmless attacks and their flesh recede and will fall prey to bacterial attacks once their immune system collapses, then protists eat the dieing flesh, hence what many call the brown is it jelly disease.

LPs will extend tendrils to kill in low current to a metre at times and the right current that all of us reefers should have, to maybe 40 to 50 mill at the most to kill and eat weaker corals.

I do use carbon at a very small amount these days like I did in the 80s but less now and I use a massive algae area to take out those toxins and nutrients, these days for boutique tanks which near all are, semi solid carbon dosing and gfo from day one!!

Hope it goes well.

With the right functions in place, the hobby is so easy!

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