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What a great forum

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I have been into aquariums for a few years and this would be the best forum that i have seen. :D

It seems to cover everthing for pretty much whatever you want to do and is local as well...there is a wealth of knowledge to be had here.

I look foward to meeting a few of yoou soon.

I found it from a link on another forum.

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Thanks Roo I am just starting to suffer from multiple tank syndrome and fortunatly I have plenty of room left to put them, a quick browse of the buy and sell made my head spin 8O so I am sure it wont be long and i will be picking up some more tanks.

I have been doing the planted tank thing for a while and am just starting to branch off into a catfish tangent and i have thought for some time about some cichlids but to date have been mostly doing live bearers and comunity fish.....if there nippy their out but a few more tanks should see me doing a few other things.

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haha yes i was a master fisherman for 7 years quite some time ago, work as a motorcycle courier atm but i also like my fish. :D

Its way different having a local forum with local stuff for sale. :D

I just got my second tank up and running and have a few platys marinating as we speak but the filters been running for six months on another tank so it should be good for real fish in a week.

anybody got a 4x2x2 they dont want going cheap. :lol:

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welcome dude I live in waterford west so if your ever curious come say hi

always happy to chat and theres plenty of great people here to bore you with details and stories

if you chasing a tank post a WTB wanted to buy add in the forum


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Bestfish i finished the stand off today so i have a 4x2x12h sitting in the bottom of it and want a 4x2x2 for the top of it.

I put a few platys in there and couple of little bristlies and a huge piece of driftwood more suited to a 2 foot high tank thats still a floater.

The bristlies are going well but i want to use this tank as a growout tank so i can regulate what food goes in and what they get which isnt so easy on a planted tank, I mean they eat all day in the planted but i can supply better tucker than the dodgy algae they are sucking off the glass.

I also wanted some non co2 tanks, new guinea natives (rainbows and blue eyes) seem fussy about their water.

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