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HM for sale

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Im located Drewvale - Brownsplains.

I may have sold it already to somone, but let me see how many bags i can get and will let you know. I was also just starting off and this plant took off like crazy.

I have them growing at around 2ft depth on 50W LED x 4 dosing every 3rd day with dino spit and dino pee


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Hi Guys, here are the pics of the HM in bags. i got 5 bags this time. bags are sandwhich bags and its half full of the HM. when i purchased the original culture from the fish shop its was 1/3rd the size of this bag and all very short bits. these are long strands.

All Sold thanks everyone, ill probably have more in about a months time will repost the add




so if you still happy paying $5 a bag let me know. its pickup from drewvale.

so as i have it this is the pecking order

2 bags for puffin have Sold

1 bag for daniel has Sold

1 bag David Sold

1 bag whatsonboyd Sold


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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