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Hello From Rob

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Hi There,

I have been fish fanatic for quite some time..

Tropicals ,cichlids mainly importing Wild caught Frontosa Variants.. I'm keen to start housing goldfish with a 2500ltr raised pond ready to go.. I'm looking forward to making new friends & getting helpful advice in raising goldfish..

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Welcome to the forum Rob. Nice to have another goldfish person on here...I have 3 large comets (20-30cm range) and 2 shubunkins that I rescued from a feeder fish tank at LFS...also have mbuna, oscar, severums, chocolate cichlid and tropicals. Had a looksy at your pond diy...looks sweet. I was planning on building something out of besser blocks for mine..4x4x3 (feet)..is what I was aiming for. Yours looks like a real labor of love..are they tiles on the outside that you have covered the sides with?

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Hi orangemelly,

thanks for the welcome mate.. nice collection you have there, as I say you can never have enough. I was originally going to build with besser block but the enjoyment to build with timber out weight the odds lol. using timber I had to do a lot of reinforcing at 1mtr centres.. the back board where the rectangular water feature is situated I used stacker stone & around the main base I used 3D tile (polymer)..

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