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Planter Tank + C02 New & Need Help

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Hey everyone,

I had an old tank laying around was running but no fish for awhile so decided to set it up and try a planter tank which I would like to later on stock with a few small fish.

Size of tank is 20 x 15 x 60

I just wanted some advice.

It has ada soil with a 6 or so plants atm.

C02 Bottle Regulator think its set to 3 bubbles a second. I have no idea how much I need ????

large canister filter with 1 internal which I am using to defuse the C02.

Lighting was twin T5 with pink/red globes but the light died so I am using twin fluro white lights atm till I decide what to buy. Advice here would be awesome.

The tanks been running for a few weeks I have noticed the plants are starting to get black dots.

I ran a test last night results are.

PH 6.8

Ammonia 1.0ppm

Nitrite 0ppm

Nitrate 0-3ppm

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

I will post photos tonight.


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