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Abbreviations and terms used for shrimp

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Hi all,

This is a list of abbreviations and terms used for describing shrimp.

It should help people starting out to know what everyone is talking about.

If anyone knows of others that I've forgotten I will edit the list.

DAS....Darwin Algae Shrimp

DRNS.Darwin Red Nose Shrimp

QAS....Queensland Algae Shrimp

QRNS.Queensland Red Nose Shrimp

CHAMELEON. Native shrimp

NINJA. Native shrimp

RCS....Red Cherry Shrimp

YCS....Yellow Cherry shrimp

Rilli.....Cherry with coloured head & tail, clear body

CRS....Crystal Red Shrimp

CBS....Crystal Black Shrimp

SW......Snow White Shrimp

GB.......Golden Bee Shrimp

Skeleton Bee..Rilli pattern in Crystal Shrimp

Mishling...Crystal Shrimp cross TB

TB........Taiwan Bee Shrimp

TBM.....Taiwan Bee from one TB, one Mishling parents

TBMM..Taiwan Bee from two Mishling parents

BB........Blue Bolt Shrimp

MBB.....Mosura Blue Bolt Shrimp

KK........King Kong Shrimp

MKK.....Mosura King Kong Shrimp

RR........Ruby Red Shrimp

RW.......Red Wine Shrimp

OEBT...Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimp

Tibee...Taiwan Bee cross Tiger Shrimp

Taitibee..Tibee cross Taiwan Bee

Pinto....Taitibee cross Taiwan Bee, pattern and solid colour signifies pinto Shrimp.

There is also grades within the types of shrimp.

Cherry Shrimp, from lowest to highest.

Standard--Sakura--Fire--Painted Fire

Crystal Shrimp,from lowest to highest


German breeders use a different grading system as they're hesitant to use ss for obvious reasons.

They use a K followed by a number to distinguish grades.

From S grade up there is patterns as well but that is best done with pictures.

There's also alot of made up names around to add to confusion so it's best to find out the parentage of shrimp before purchase.

I hope I haven't confused people more lol

Cheers mick

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Shame on you for leaving off the natives ;) Maybe group separately in your OP.

DAS...Darwin Algae Shrimp Caridina NTnilotica

DRNS...Darwin Red Nose Shrimp Caridina sp sp Gulf1

QAS...Queensland Algae Shrimp Caridina longirostris

QRNS...Queensland Red Nosed Shrimp Caridina gracilirostris

Chameleon...Caridina sp WA4

Ninja...Caridina serratirostris

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How very un patriotic of me [MENTION=12699]Grubs[/MENTION].

I will hang my head in shame after i add them to the list lol.

I won't go into scientific names in this post, we can talk about them later.

I know cherries have already been reclassified so who knows what else will change

Cheers mick

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