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2 tier setup (4'x18" fish tanks) with 100+ FREE Cherry Shrimp!

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Condition: UsedPrice: 330Willing To Ship: Nolocation: OrmeauGreat 2-tier display or fish breeding setup. The picture was from a while ago, so it's not quite as squeaky clean now, but it’s in good condition and currently up and running. Buyer that want the filter as well can put in fish straight away as they are cycled and colonised with beneficial bacteria. Good tanks, with no leaks and most lids. Has been a perfect little setup for breeding catfish like Peppermint Bristlenose and L-134, but can of course be used for Cichlids and many other fish as well.

The black stand is heavy duty SHS steel and measures 136x48cm and it is 100cm high.

Tanks are 4' x 18"

Comes all ready to go and includes:

a 4 foot light,

4 sponge filters

2 internal power filters

2 clay breeding logs.


If picked up by 16⁄9), I will also throw in 100+ of Cherry Shrimp that are the current residents of the top tank for free!!


I had 2 Aqua One Aquis 1200 filled with Seachem Matrix and Macropore gold etc. on it as well, but may keep them or sell them separately, as they were $200+ each with all the top of the range filter media etc.

I can include these 2 for an extra $160, or 1 of them for $85.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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