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Gday everyone

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I'm reasonably new to fishkeeping, and am learning heaps on a day-to-day basis.

Current passion is guppies.

Have a 3ft tank with guppies, x4 BN catfish, x2 Mystery snails, and a whole colony of annoying tiny snails which must have come in on a plant.

I *did* have about 35 guppies there at one stage.

But because i had the male/female ratio completely out, i managed to stress out one female and she died, and then one-by-one i lost all but one guppy over a 3 week period. Fully my fault - even though i was trying to build up the ratio. I think i had about 12 females to about 20 males.

Like i said, fully my fault - but something i have learned from :)

I now have it as 3 females to one male, and am building my tank back up again.... AND one of my females gave birth the other day to about 11 fry - so that's an exciting new chapter.

Anyways, thats enough of an intro from me.


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