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Need Help with Custom Filter System

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Hi guys, brought a new tank and need some advice on the filter system.

The current filter system is a nightmare to prime, so everytime I do any work on it, it results in a nightmare to get going again. Once running it is fine.

However I have recently removed the filter socks as the were blocked solid and was looking to buy some new socks.

I left the socks out and started the tank back up and this generated quite a bit noise from the water in the sock section, basically it sounds like it is cavitating due to the pump pulling through the filter system.

The Foam Filter and UV drum is about 35L and each of the bio filter drums are 30L and packed completely full of ceramic knoddles and lava balls, so should be an awesome system, just want to make it easier to work with and functioning as best as possible.

This got me thinking and I came up with rerouting the plumbing and pulling the water from the tank and pushing it through the filter system.

This should make it very easy to prime and the water will pull straight from tank and into pump.

Only downside I see is crap from the tank will get sucked through the pump, however I am not sure it is going to affect the pump as it is only fish poo etc

I have attached a diagram of the current setup and then the proposed.

Need some advice from the filter experts...... any advice would be appreciated.

Aquarium is 10ft x 2ft x 2ft and will be housing mostly large Americans, so plenty of mess

Mind you, since removing the socks it primed straight up and sucked any air straight through the system and started right back up. When I removed the socks they were completely blocked and I could fill them with water and is trickled off rye bottom of the sock, was lucky it hadn't burnt the pump out already from strained so hard to draw water through the system



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Filter socks should be the first thing the water flows through, they are used to keep larger waste particles out of the bio media.

Could you also take a couple of pics? That system looks overly complicated, if you pump the water out of the tank you would need the filter on top of the tank so it can gravity feed. It would be so much easier to run a sump and put the media from the drums into one.

If it starts properly without the filter socks it means that them being clogged was the issue so you could replace them. I would set it up to go through the socks first so they do what they are designed for, you will probably need to clean the bio media in water from the tank, if the socks were clogged the media probably is as well.

Cheers mick

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Yeah, already cleaned and replaced all the media, will be looking to change one soon as I have brought some new drums and wanted to fit some plumbing as it currently uses a lot of hose and I want to use plastic pipe, so will test again when I change it over to see if I still get priming issues.

Yeah other tanks I have are all running sumps, but this was already fitted and tank is not drilled, so would take a fair amount of work to convert.

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I believe the socks were fitted that way to prevent having to clean them every couple of days, not really sure there is a lot to gain from socks.

Don't use them on any other tanks and water is crystal clear in .

Going to run without for a while and see how it goes.

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