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The new guys are friends.

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The other day I saw a gorgeous coris gaimard in 20ish feet of water, it was just getting adult colour, this was while spear fishing and I carry my collecting and camera gear always while hunting for dinner and the coris too big to catch, so when trying it get it to tolerate me taking pics, out popped a common little flavissima/vrolikii centropyge hybrid, a cute little one, you don’t see many little hybrids!

The silly coris wasn’t letting me take pics, maybe it was the spear gun, lol, so the little guy was the right size and was to be a new addition to my bottom tank/angel fish tank.

The massive male anthia I gave Danny, it was causing trouble in his tank by stealing every ones food, he was fed up with it so I put it in the bottom tank, why I have no idea, it’s a pig!!

These are the new guys, they hang under the same section of coralline.


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