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FS Persicaria sao paulo (Polygonaceae Sao Paulo)

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Persicaria saopaulo (Polygonaceae Sao Paulo)


Available per pot

Persicaria (Polygonum) sp. 'Sao Paulo' is a fantastic new aquarium plant from Brazil. At the moment, the correct species name of this knotweed is still in the dark. When kept in the right conditions, this is probably the most intensively coloured plant species currently available for aquaria.

Persicaria sp. 'Sao Paulo' is no plant for low-light tanks, however, it grows exceedingly well in the type of aquarium with CO2 injection and strong lighting, which has gained popularity during the last years. It is especially suitable for tank layouts that have been designed for Toninafluviatilis, Eriocaulon or Syngonanthus species. To further maximal colouration and healthy growth, direct light coming from metal halide, T5 lamps or LED is recommendable. It is also important to fertilise with ample amounts of iron, and to maintain a phosphate concentration of 1 mg/l or above.

Please note:

Orders from metropolitan Brisbane can be sent from Sunday-Wednesday. This will ensure that your package does not remain at the post office over the weekend.

It is highly recommended to purchase Express Post as your plants will arrive quicker and in better condition compared to standard post. Plants will be sent Monday-Thursday if you choose this option.

$4.50 per pot

Standard shipping $8.00

Express Shipping $10.55

Pickup is also available from Brisbane CBD


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