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It is storming.

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Congratulations, most fishkeepers recommend having a wife and a mistress...... simply as the wife things you are with the mistress, and the mistress thinks you are with the wife.....

That way both leave you alone while you are pottering around the fish room........

This is a family forum?

That type of comment should be in off topic! bgomf

All the best on Saturday [MENTION=3100]Craigo[/MENTION]! You still have time to pull out!!

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bro, Im getting married in 2 days…NO RAIN! everybody stop your rain dances! If it rains on the day you know its going to be my fault right….

Get used to it - everything will be your fault from now on , it even extends beyond the duration of the marriage if you have kids .

I have been married twice and neither time did it go well or infact end well for me the best thing is that it is now 20 years since my last divorce .

best of luck on both the wedding and the marriage .

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Friendly advice from one who knows already.

You need to get a few new words in your vocabulary. These are not in any specific order, but they are powerful none-the-less:

* I'm sorry, dear

* Yes, that's good - I'll do just as you suggested

and the last one, which gets you out of many situations ....

* What?! I'm sorry. I must not have heard you when you said that.

...seriously though, congratulations.

I'll be hoping for no rain for you as much as i can.

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