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filtration ideas for linked ponds.

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Hey guy's and gal's.*

Im a newbie here and I'm after some advice on a filtration system for linked ponds.

Im setting up a grow out pond area for my fry. I will have a total of 8 above ground ponds (approx 600-700 Litres each).

My current thought was to fit an over flow drain into 7 of the ponds and run them all back to the 8th pond where i was thinking of using a submersible pump, which then feeds to a pressurized canister style filter and the feed into a pipe which would have a T piece and tap into each pond.

These would be used for juvenile goldfish a few months old.

Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.*

Small quick diagram of what i have planned


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I do something similar for goldfish growout using 500L circular tubs and introduce water at an angle to spin crap into the center. With a bottom taking central drain (using 2 PVC standpipes) so all the crap is automatically removed.

I remove most of the mechanical waste with a self cleaning sieve and use a home made floating fluidised bed for biological filtration. Back up is provided by air into each of the tubs to turn over/oxygenate water if there is a power failure as my air will remain on for 18 hours if electrical power fails. I add a large sponge to maximise efficient use of air into each tub but use very coarse sponge so it's mostly biological and doesn't need to be cleaned.

To harvest fish, I can lift out both PVC pipes and drain into a central catchment which has a fish trap/overflow box. The harvested tub refills when I put the uplifts back. I auto feed through the central water pump/taps as the pump will handle 6mm soft solids. If you are mass producing, you can increase grow stage with lights and feed 24/7 as frequent-constant feed is better than individual peaks of food. Also to reduce self predation you will have to constantly size sort fish and feed to satiation. Fully fed fish are too lazy to hunt/bully/intimidate and this also allows food for smaller fish.

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I'll post some photos when I've got some time and on a real computer.

Another option for you is to use an above ground swim pool and keep the goldfish in suspended cages. I use circular pools (for automated cleaning) and oyster mesh on floating PVC pipe.


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