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I'm a big fan of a lot of fish(hello my fellow addict fishkeepers :eyebrows:) but I've always had a spot for the beautiful varieties of Mbuna(a variety of beautiful rock inhabiting cichlids from Lake Malawi for the unknowing :pop2: ) and one group in particular I have always liked are the cynotilapia...so your Afra Hara,Cobue,etc etc and just thought I'd get a little action going on some of these great fish(I've heard inexperienced folk telling those interested in these fish some bad info) and we can share thoughts,tips,experiences etc :beer: whilst I will discuss some cynotilapia varieties please feel free to discuss othe Mbuna because many share similar behaviours and this can only help appreciate these great territorial fish....

Anyways was reading a Cichlid News mag and these guys popped up:




These guys are Cynotilapia Aurifrons and very nice if you ask me :eek:

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I have a soft spot for all afras.

One of my favourites is Cynotilapia sp. lions cove.

There were some around a few years back but I haven't seen any for ages.


Yeah I was a bit late and missed out on a colony of lions cove about 2-3yrs ago down in Shellharbour(Southern NSW)it was the only time I've heard of them here and would be great to see this variety back out in the mainstream lets hope it's not closer to almost (if not already) goneski :faint:

Afra Hara are my other favourite but yep good Cobue are sexy fish as are most of the Cynotilapia


I also dig the Demasoni and there's quite a few others :eyebrows:

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OK, I do not like mbuna, they just don't do it for me. But some a bit special aren't they so

with my new setup I may keep one Sp. in each large tank to hang in the rocks.

I very much like tropheops but they are TOO argo for me.

I will be looking for Metriaclima sp. "zebra long pelvic"


Melanochromis kaskazini - Formerly Northern Blue

post-3100-14711634333623_thumb.jpg I think these are something special, going off what I have read in the bible & on the fishy forums from owners, they act more of a HAP & use the whole tank space, normally wandering through their habitat without territories.

There are more I cannot think of right now, keep the convo going guys gimme inspiration!

If anybody can has a lead on either of these fish (must be excellent quality) I would appreciate a heads up as I have holding tanks ready now :)

Have fun!

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