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Home made carbon recipe a bit over cooked, lol.

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The only way I can get such high temps is literally to use fire and I over cooked it.

This time i am using a few more high GI forms that I take to carbon to maybe make this mix work even better.

This biodegradable polymer I have not used as yet, the last one seemed fine so hopefully this one along with my new recipe, will be so food I can use it on a tub to take all out that is inorganic.

I got the low down on the orca nitra guard, bio pellets and the common liquid carbon dosing that works best based semi low GI food groups like spuds to work out what may work best at semi solid carbon dosing and I disagree with GFO infused bio pellets, from what I have learnt, it is too much of a risk, long term!

So I left out GFO but still use it on its own, so if this recipe works out good, I will see how it works on its own.

The next step will be to infuse it with an expensive golden oldie we use to use like GFO, but it isn’t GFO, lol.

Over cooked carbon any one, lol.


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