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new shrimp tank build

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So knocked this up yesterday so should be ready to fill tomorrow or so, 400x400 cube 6mm starfire all sides and 8mm base no bracing or plastic strips tryn for the ADA style very little silly-cone and super clear

Ebay spec HOB filter i found thats fully clear.

Aquaone cheapo LED with white/blue, white and blue function.

25w marina black heater, which looks out of place being black if anyone has any ideas on a small nano heater thats invisable let me know please.

Yeah so thats as far as i am at the moment glass needs a clean and tidy but had to take a few pics anyway

Next is substrate and finding a good bit of wood or something for it

Stand is going to be a bedside table gumtree spec

Ill keep it updated as it get filled

Thanks for lookingpost-16079-14711634264527_thumb.jpg


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Looks great! What are you going to stock it with?

Not even sure guys iv got a massive colony of 2 crs at the moment lolz what ever i can get my hands on im no shrimp expert by any means but i like crs and the black and white ones

Not looking at massive money this tank so far only owes me $85 so if i can get another colony of crs going id be happy with that and a heap of moss growing all over the place

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