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Mad Caleb

Beginner Gone 5Ft Pro!

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Hello QAF peeps,

I've decided to merge my threads into a journal on my 5ft cade with 4ft sump. A lot of planning has gone into this and I've only been into this hobby ~6months.

I will list off the features of the tank and then bomb the thread with pictures. Haha

Project Includes:


- 5ft 'Aquatic Style' CADE Rimless Tank (predrilled from Gumtree)

- 4ft Reef ready sump with minimal baffles (refugium)


- 4x Bags of ADA Amazonia

- 1x Bag of ADA Amazonia Powder (Top layer for carpeting plants)

- 1x Canister of ADA Bacter 100

- 30kg+ of Seiryu Stone

- 5x Pieces of assorted Mangrove Hard Driftwood

- 20kg of Double Washed Playground Sand (most of it is in refugium)

Sump build:

- 1x 7"Filter Sock & Holder

- 2x Hand-Cut to size green and black course filter pads

- 1x Chopped up and siliconed Bread crate to replace eggcrate

- 5 Litres of Marine Pure Spheres

- Cut to fit Fine Filter wool

- Double Washed Playground Sand (refugium Substrate)

- Spare volcanic stone from previous tank


- 1x 6.8kg Co2 Swap'n'go MKOL bottle from Brewer's Choice. (To be Purchased)

- 1x Ista Co2 Inline Reactor (To be Purchased)

- 2x Left over light fixtures from other tanks to grow moss/plants in refugium

- 1x Nios Viper 5000L/Hr Pump (To be Purchased)

- 1x Eheim Jager 300w Heater

Tech in Display Tank:

- 2x A360W Tuna Sun Kessils with goose-neck and 90 degree anglers

- 1x A150 Amazon Sun Kessil with goose-neck and 90 degree angler (from another tank, will be added later)

- 1x Twinstar Nano Algae Inhibitor (Tank is too big for it, but having it wont hurt)

Tech To be considered:

- Jebao DP-4 dosing pump

- Neptune Apex Controller

- Kessil Light Programmer




More Pictures to Come feel free to ask for updates!

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Let's talk plants and Livestock!


- Willow + Flame Moss from Rebel

- Spikey Moss

- Christmas Moss

- Java Moss

- HC (carpeting)

- Echinodorus Bleheri

- Anubias nana Petite (3x Pieces super-glued to wood)

- Staurogyne repens (Middle)

- Mini Pellia (5x Pieces super-glued on wood)

- Tonina fluviatilis (Sump Only)

- I need a nice stem plant for the back... I'm thinking Rotala Indica


Clean up Crew:

- 8 Ottos

- 3 Siamese Algae Eaters

- 20+ Amano Shrimp

Show Fish:

- 3x Pairs of Apisto Cacatuoides

- 2x Pairs of German Dwarf Rams

- 10x Dwarf Coreys

- 8x Celestial Pearl Danio


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