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Nanacara Anomela, various apistogrammas

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I Heard that aquarium industries had the nanacara anomela on the wholesale list a month or two ago. You might be able to get some shipped in by your local lfs.

I have a pair of borelli opal but no fry as yet unfortunately.

P.s. I like your style, that's a great fish list.

Cheers mick

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Cichlid Type: OtherPrice: $1Size: 3cm onwardsQuantity: numeriousSex: MixedSuburb/Town: melbourneHi i am looking for some dwarf cichlids, please pm me on 0423951311.

Please be able to ship to melbourne.

inka1, tefe, opal borellii to name a few apistos

If you don't do any good off the forum an online supplier called Second Nature Aquariums has Nannacara anomala and a range of Apistos. He is in Orange in Sydney and ships to anywhere.

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i have tried AI fish (inka1), tefe and opal and nanaacara anomela.

I can recount the following:

inka, tefe and opal - all males seem to have problems with the female as they kept dying. i currently have females at 4cm. personal favorite is the inka1 (colour change in the female).

nanaacara 1 male 9 females. thats what i got from ai when i requested for equal pairs. but looking for a male for now.

and as for the aquarium...i have checked it out. expensive. it would be cheaper for me to ship a single pair of opal than to buy it here in melbourne..and i still believe tha the quality i get in qld is far better than the import quality...just my 2cents.


pm me creature 125 to my mob. i will keep you in mind for the next month.

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