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Albino BN or Pleco?

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Hi all,

I have this male - of which breed, which I'm not sure. He came to me in a tank rescued from a friend. At the time, I initially thought 'it' was a BN - too small to sex.

When I moved 'it' into a communal tank with upside down catfish, other BN, a clown loach and cichlids its growth was astronomic. A year later, 'he' is now 16cm and quite impressive/imposing.

I bought some albino BN, thinking I was providing a family for him and that they would ultimately breed - but he simply isn't interested. Is that because he isn't actually a BN?

Help with correct i.d. would be appreciated.





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Thanks crazy4fishes, that's what's nuts about this guy. There are other mature adults in the tank and they're popping out fry very merrily. He hasn't shown any aggressive streak at all towards the others and spends a lot of time in a cave with the clown loach.

It's almost like he thinks he's above the other albino BN.

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