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I have set up my tank today, it is 76x31x38cm (LxWxH), i have filled it with tap water and added the appropriate amount of water conditioner. I have calculated the tank to be about 90L, i have bought a brand new internal Filter, which does 200-400L tanks with a 250-500L/h Flow rate. i have also bought a new heater, which is 150W for 155-220L tank. other than that, the only other thing i have added to the tank is the substrate, which was 5kg of pebbles not coloured just plain pebbles.

The fish i was thinking of keeping were african cichlids, like im a big fan of Kigoma Frontosa, aswell as some neon Blue ram's, Gissels, and Demasoni. I was looking at getting all of these introduced into my tank, i also read that Cichlids need over-Filtering.

after reading The Nitrogen Cycle, which i actually had no clue about ^_^ ty, i am going to run down to the LFS and pick up 2 Black Skirt Tetras, and begin my cycle, thank you so much for the advice so far, i will have alot more questions to be answered :).

Thank you [MENTION=3878]pk333[/MENTION]

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Well, where to start.

You are probably better off using feeder goldfish or plain guppies to cycle your tank, than two tetras. Feeder goldfish are good as they produce a lot of waste, something two tetras won't do.

But you can cycle the tank just by dumping a heap of cheap flake food in the tank and letting it decay. No need to buy fish and subject them to ammonia and nitrite poisoning.

You will need a much bigger tank if you want to keep frontosa. And blue rams are a dwarf american cichlid, and will get killed and/or eaten by some of the african cichlids you mentioned.

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Hi [MENTION=16693]Tjhawk19[/MENTION] welcome and good luck with the hobbie, enjoy!!

First, if u haven't been buying or visiting the above sponsors of this site shops, make a day of it and do so,

they are all great wealthy of knowledge and if u mention this site get $$$ off purchases.. 😎

While there, look at which fish u like best for the size of the tank u have 😡, after all not all fish can live in the same tank/environment. But by joining this forum your on your way 2 getting it right. 😄

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Ok so, start deciding on 1 species to begin with then slowly work out which tank mates i can add, i would be dooming fish right now if i never asked haha.

I read on the Nitrogen cycle that feeder fish are not something you use for you tank becauase they often harbor parasites and are very unhealthy, but im not sure if feeder goldfish fits into that or not, but im just making sure as it can be quite crucial to setting up my tank properly.

Is there a actual limit on how much fish flakes i should dump into the tank? i dont want go overboard and mess it up, ill be going to the aquarium in 2 hours, and im just wondering if i should try one of those bacteria increasing products from the store.


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Any fish you add to your tank could harbour parasites.

As I said, you can cycle a tank without using fish. If you add some flake food to the tank and just let it break down, your tank will still cycle.

Take the few it takes your tank to cycle to research what fish you can keep in your tank and how many.

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Okay, where can i start my research? i have tried looking up different species of cichlid but none of them contain average tank sizes, and i cant seem to find any way to research how many fish i can keep in my tank without actually asking people who already have the knowledge, like at the fish store.

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