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Lid fish keeper

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Hi all,

Bit about myself, been into fish since early teens now 27, big fan of American cichlids. I currently have only the one tank thanks wifey, just dosnt have the same passion for fish :( so in other words not "allowed" to set anymore up. Atm I am in process of clearing out my mixed bag of fish by either selling or swapping. I am after just one well bred/pure red devil 👿 (juvenile) so any help with contacts would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Matt

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Yea I have a snake already hahaha, I have a 3ft with a mixed bag of fish JD female 10-12cm, small blue acara, lge marbled angel, 3 Albino tetras, 2 barbs, blue ram, 3 Khuli loaches, 1 Bronze Cory, and a couple of minnows.

Also cannot work out how to load pics without taking a new photo

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