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For sale, Taiwanese bee shrimp pandas, blue bolts and blue dream sherry shrimp

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Price: 25-70Size: 6mm-1.4cmQuantity: 3 panda males, 2x bb male and a few blue dream cherriesSex: --Suburb/Town: UnderwoodHi there I have a few shrimps up for grab

3x male panda, have shadow gene in them $70 each post-15430-14711634285714_thumb.jpg

2x male blue bolt male, low medium $70eachpost-15430-14711634285921_thumb.jpg

And a few blue dream cherry shrimp $20-25 each for juvies, $80 for a high grade pair, also have a berried mumma I'll sell for $140, I've been on strict culls with this blue dreams colonypost-15430-14711634286274_thumb.jpg

contact me on 0468759695, texting is the best method



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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