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Buccochromis Lepturus colony

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Haha thanks guys. I've got my colonies now so it's a great opportunity for someone or whatever to get these beauties as there isn't any fry for sale in the near future.

I will consider splitting the colony into 2 for $420 for the 7 fish per colony.

I don't think $57-$60 a fish isn't bad for sexed fish as rare as these. I paid $100 each a little bigger and after owning these I would of been happy to buy $200 a fish. Until you own a species like this people have no idea how off tap and active they really are.

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"Off tap"??

Ho hum more awesome fish! We are getting used to it [MENTION=5802]Rastinger62[/MENTION]=53yearsold?

Off tap: I was meaning watching a male in breeding mode is just so full on and it's absolutely an awesome sight to see.

The pure dominance and aggression with the shaking to lure them females in full colour breeding dress. You really got to see it too appreciate it. If it wasn't for species like these I would be long gone from this hobby lol

I'm 34. Unsure how I decided 62 was my favourite number but it is lol

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