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Dimidiochromis Compressiceps MALE 15cm

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Cichlid Type: African CichlidPrice: ?Size: 15cmQuantity: 1Sex: MaleSuburb/Town: Birkdale 4159Hi guys, got talking to a bloke in Northern Rivers NSW & he has a few large females he offered me.

I haven't committed to them yet as I thought I would put the feelers out for a QUALITY large male & see whats out there while considering my options.

Looking for a male around 15cm can be a bit smaller preferably no bigger, must have excellent Red & black finage & nice spotting.

I'm not 100% whether I will go down this path, and I'm not looking to waste anybody's time. It all deepens on the quality of fish I can find & if my tanks will be ready before he sells the girls (I told him not to hold them for me, didn't want to stuff anybody around). I have seen the girls & they are very nice. :)


* would also consider colonies of other Dimidiochromis Sp. Strigatus & Kiwinge (I know, I know)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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