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A bad batch of krill!

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A week or so back I bought some frozen krill as I do for amix I make to add in, but this time it was just for the pig anthia I am stuckwith.

I got it home still frozen, but when I used it, it becameobvious that it had thawed before, yukk, even the anthia thought twice beforetaking any.

I am not that keen anymore on collecting, getting a bit old, but still encourageothers to correctly, it is more so due to lazy ness, but this made me get my own, not kril, glass shrimop, like I alwaysdid in the past!

It is legal to use the prescribed style of shrimp traps andfor over 12 years mine has worked nicely.

Chuck it in and leave it over night if you want, with asteel frame to stop sets of teeth from ruining it and taking off with it or as Ido, just set it up for a some hours to catch many small fish species or feedershrimps and more!

Dam krill, I had to make a run up the coast to the canals toget fish food, still the surf was okay, so that made up for it.

I settled with Curumundi creek, lots there.

This lot should last me until next time we go up there.


To be frozen.


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Check the fisheries site, the trap has to comply and I got mine from a bait and tackle shop up the coast near Kawana, not sure if it is still there, that was way back when my dad was alive and living up the coast.

It was my fault on the krill, i didnt check the colur of them before buying, i dont trust much of anything i buy not for many years, this time i was slack.

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