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What the?

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Have you looked at the make up of both products, they are where you see what is wrong!

Through out my time in this hobby and especially anything associated with the most beautiful this on earth, the ocean, I like to try it or look closely at everything!

Hey, it rarely works out well experimenting on everything, sort of, but at least you understand what the hell is going on.

Okay many years ago I use to buy my blue powder from the chemist, that being copper sulphate and something we never passed that a friends pharmacist reefer mate discovered, an agent that keeps it in suspension and safe, that one no one has caught onto yet, for some reason? any way this is part of the water life product.

Now with most marine fish copper sulphate is no big issue if used correctly, I used it for over 25 years then found ways to manipulate other protist species to eradicate the parasitic protists species called ich and velvet to name just two groups , but with small feathery gill plated species like Centropyge compared to other fish, also Chaetodons and tangs/surgeons, the sulphate variation is a potential killer, even in low doses, it takes experience to handle it and not kill these types of fish.

Once gills are damaged and not many layers with in those species gill set ups, the fish goes down, quite quickly at times.

You see its origin is an oxide and will bind to anything, fishes gills included, then you have formalin, a chem used at times to kill bacteria loosely regarded as oxygen reduction and usually I was told way back that quite often methanol is added to the mix when using this product.

Nothing good in that product to not so savy reefers!

Then the next product by seachem is based on copper chloride being actually cuprous chloride and is loosely related to chlorine, something like chlorine that’s origins are salt when used is not great, but much better then the other alternative.

The issue is small plated species, as is with lanthanum chloride, if not careful tangs go down first then Centropyge and so on, you see what I mean.

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You can usually reverse most adverse effects of copper with h202. I have seen people use them in combination with varying results, the biggest issue with copper is that it absorbs into rocks and can leach back out which is ok until you dose it again not realising that it's already there.

Cheers mick

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Only the sulphate version does that.

Plus with treatments, any one that uses base rock or liverock or anything porus, is asking for trouble if it is not washed out!

Bits of pvc pipe to hide in and plastic media is best fortreatments tanks like bio balls-cubes, fish netting bundled up tightly or oldwoven onion bags to hold bacteria externally or in a section of pipe in the tankwith an air stone to pull water through the media, you see all you need whiletreating is to have everything accounted to nitrate, from there on its of noconcern to fish for a treatment.

Water changes and re-treating straight away getslevels back up of treatments is best, and no way should you use calcium based rock in treatment tanks tohouse bacteria, for PH assistance, sure, but get it out after treatments andwash it.

The best ways to treat are already in a thread, if you have to treat that is and links of where to purchase sort of cheap pure hydrogen peroxide as well.

I use it to whiten my teeth mixed in with mag paste and the pure I bought is one of my experiments I am doing as well on how it affects what algae and or what that is symbiotic with algae.

So far not much happening, the introduced levels will rise as time goes on, just to see and what is cool is whe i manipulated the time frame as to use what and how fast it becomes just harmless water and oxygen, that was cool to do!

Supposedly hair algae hates it, but the amounts is the tough one when all life is still in the tank.

My system allows for each tank to be isolated for a time from each other and the main NWMS each still with their own flow.

I am looking forward to seeing which, how and why with everything in my tanks and system using the highest grade I can get!

Of course its extremely reactive that one. so safety first!

Way back near to pure was not heard of, well I didn't use it, other so called surfers did, lol

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