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Neon / Electric Blue Acaras @ 5cm

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Cichlid Type: American Cichlids

Price: $5 each

Size: 5cm

Quantity: More than I can count

Sex: Mixed

Suburb/Town: Waterford

Priced this cheap to move them on I'm running out of tank space.

They are 5cm, very healthy there are no diseases in my tanks. Showing great colours. The photos are of the parents and they don't do them justice I need to work on my photographer skills. No postage sorry.

You can pm but better off texting me on 0413391327



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Hi Sammy, I left about 150 fry in the community tank and lost most of them but I saved another 50 odd in a separate tank.

I am with you on lowering the price of these fish, while I understand breeders have overheads, these fish are no longer on the rare list.

I am feeding my fry with Cyclops, it has served me well for other Cichlid fry in the past.

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