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My 6ft Breeding Tank

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Hey guys i just wanted to show off my 6ft breeding tank. Tank is just for breeding fish so it's not a looker but it works. It contains. 1 pair of Blue Ramirezi, 10 neon tetras ( originally there to liven the tank up but are now breeding), 2 BN (10 cm long, Albino male and female common. They are the start of my colony that will contain albino, common and peppermint) and 12 gudgeon ( no idea what type of gudgeon but they were the fish i used to cycle the tank)

No fry as of yet because it has only been running with fish for 3 days. BN were under a cave and I didn't want to disturb them so no photos :(

Thanks for looking, TAH001





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Have you got dividers between the BBC pair and the common/albino pair?

I'm guessing that you realise that you could end up with all calico fry?

Nice looking tank. I look forward to seeing more pics!

Thanks Netto14, just above this tank I have another 6 ft with a divider in it. If I start getting just calico's then I may have to put 1 in the top tank. But in the near future there will be more commons and peppermint BN.

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