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Queensland Cichlid Group FISH only Auction Saturday October 10th

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Saturday OCTOBER 10th

Queensland Cichlid Group


Virginia State School Hall

1678 Sandgate Rd, Virginia QLD 4012

It is just south of where Toombul Road joins Sandgate Road and near Virginia railway station.

There is traffic lights on the corner of Sandgate road and Jeffers Street and a fish drop off area inside the school grounds.

Fish in from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Auction starts at 5.00 p.m. and finishes when all items have either been sold or passed in.

No Smoking on School Grounds (including the Carpark) & No Alcohol on School Grounds (including the Carpark).

Queensland Cichlid Group Commission 10% for members and 20% for non-members.

Cash Only

QCG Auction Form: http://www.qcichlid.org/QCG2014AFORM.pdf

QCG Auction Guidelines: http://www.qcichlid.org/QCG2014AG.pdf

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Come on people post what your taking in so people will come & buy.

I love how our neighbour state forum & group post what they are taking & it seems to work really well to get people interested & going to buy & possibly bid higher.

Nobody is going for bread & butter…

show us what ya got especially the QCG members!

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My old man and my partner have given me a list of fish to keep a eye out for.

So far it's

Peps, harlequin rasboras, zotanum, sailfins, blue eyes, harder to find Central Americans, and different corydoras.

I'm also bringing a mate who will most likely be looking for LNumbers as well as Americans and geos, or anything else different or out of the ordinary

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I was there was good pace all done bye 9ish not many fish that I was after but that doesn't make it dull or boring... I was very happy with the fish I did bye wish I had of grabbed all 3 bags of one lot I got... But all in all a good night thanks to all involved

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