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Hey everyone,

just saying hello and to prove I'm not a robot and all that jazz.

I've been keeping freshwater critters since I can remember.... tropicals, South Africans, and South Americans. Recently I built a new house and have moved in, and am starting all over again. All that came with me is my 5x2x2...sad.

So, I'm trying something different: Fancy goldfish. I love the wonky look of them and wanted to try something different.

I have 1 red ryukin, 1 black ranchu, 1 black telescope-butterfly, 1 calico telescope-butterfly, 1 red cap oranda, and 1 red oranda. They have all been purchased recently so are still babies, but I plan on having them for at least 3 years so they'll be grown soon enough.

Recently I've also developed an interest in planted aquariums so as my main tank a) has goldfish that eat everything and B) would be ridiculously expensive to light and plant out I will be getting a nano-tank in the near future - I've never done that before so any advice welcome!

I have a wealth of experience in South Africans and South Americans (still learning these dorky looking Goldie fish though!) so feel free to chat to me about it.

See you all around the forums!

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