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mix of shrimp (blue, yellow, blue valvet, sunkist, rili, chocolate)

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Price: 3-5

Size: adult

Quantity: few

Sex: Mixed

Suburb/Town: Springfield Lakes

Hey guys,

I couldn't get back into it :( I cannot get the bug again :( so I am giving up fully.

I will need to sell my setup but first some stock.

20+ chocolate cherries, some berried ($2 each take the lot for $30)

3-4 blues $5 each, 1 berried (from Daydream)

7-10 yellows juvy $3 each (take lot for $20) (from brissy)

4-6 blue valvet, some berried $4 each (take lot for $20) (from Daydream)

8-10 sunkist, some berried $3 each (take lot for $20) (from Daydream)

8-10 red rili, some berried $3 each (take lot for $20) (from Daydream)

Sorry about not having exact numbers, however if you take the lot batches and there is less than what I said it will be the per shrimp price.

if you take them all i'll throw in some alder cones, oak leaves. and other shrimp things that i wont need anymore.

pickup Springfield Lakes

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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