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6x2x2 Discus Set Up - Tank mates?

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Gday all,

Im currently setting up a 6x2x2 tank as my Discus are quickly outgrowing my standard 4ft.

I have some Rainbows in with them now, but im going to leave the Rainbows in the 4ft.

The tank is going to be planted fairly heavily on the right side, with an open area on the left.

Also going to have a 3ft sump with planted refugium.

I will put shrimp in it as they are a good clean up crew.

A question I have, is what would be some cool tank mates for the Discus?

Here is a pic of my current set up.


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Blue rams, as they can handle the hotter temperatures that Discus thrive at. Dicrossus filamentosus and Apistogramma macmasteri are also dwarf cichlids that have good colour to them, will do well in a planted tank, and like warmer temperatures.

If looking at tetras, go for larger bodied tetras that the discus won't try eat. Personally I really like Lemon tetras and Blue Emperor tetras. Hatchetfish are also a good dither fish if you have tight lids and no gaps.

Corydoras are a good tank mate for cleaning up uneaten food. Not all Corydoras like the warmer water, but Corydoras metae and Corydoras melanistius are good choices. My personal favourite is Corydoras julii.

Am an not a fan of bristlenose catfish in discus tanks. They produce a lot of waste and the high protein diet of discus does not suit bristlenose. Instead I prefer Otocinclus as algae eaters, Royal whiptails as an omnivorous catfish and some of the small L numbers that do well with a protein diet, any from the pekoltia or hypancistrus genus'. My personal favourite is L134 leopard frog pleco.

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Thanks guys.

I am not a fan of bristlenose in a planted tank at all. I think they are little bull dozers.

I have 8 Otocinclus in the tank pictured about, and another 8 in my shrimp tank. They will definitely go in the 6ft.

I was thinking of a pair of Apistos or something like that.

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If you're going a 6 foot tank, I would be looking at a pair of blue rams or a pair of apistogramma and a group of dicrossus; one male and four or five females.

With corydoras, I'm a big fan of a large group one species. I used to have 12 in my six foot tank.

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