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Unorganised customs!

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They mucked me around with the ultrafire batteries as well last year, they do a great job, they check out easy stuff but still get itwrong and the import car I got, had organic mater like leaves and mud in four spots on and in the car, useless, no wonder fire ants got in!!

I got onto some cheap pure hydrogen peroxide earlier this year for my reef hobby and thought I would try it this time.

It turns up with the cap loose and leaking and it has been let get hot??!!!

I tried it on some timber and it gave a strong reaction, so hopefully it is still grunty!

My last one is nearly empty, it was weak and very little ofit, the first lot went in three days ago and each day since, it should be interesting in time as to what happens to algae!


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Is locally bought pure Hydrogen Peroxide too expensive?

Apparently it is good as a snail killer on aquatic fresh water plants.

Although I haven't tried it myself. It was recommended by a friend. Oh not pure just the stuff from a chemist shop.

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