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Experiences with Continuum products?

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I’ve been a huge advocate for, and supporter of, Seachemproducts for many years, and use a pretty significant quantities of theirproducts in the course of a year. Butsupplies have become more and more difficult to get hold of, to the extent thatI have now been let down very badly and am being told bulk quantities of bufferswill not be available until December at the earliest. Enough is enough – it’s obviously past timeto look at alternatives.

I’m hearing really good things about the Continuum range ofproducts. They appear to be a genuinesubstitute for the Seachem products at a very competitive price, and they have probably been on the market here now for long enough for people to have formed an opinion of their merits. The main issue I can see from my perspective at the moment isthat they are not available in larger quantities in Australia (ie 20 kg lots),but apparently that’s just a matter of time. I’m interested in hearing from other Seachem users who have made theswitch to Continuum. What are yourexperiences?

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