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Tube worms are at it again, lol

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This one of roughly 23 that I can see and may be much more are springing up here, have began life in the small gap between my top tank and the filter barrier!

No fish can get in here, due to mono filament netting over the holes in the rear at the end that I drilled for water to enter the prefilter chamber, so the worms are doing very well here.

They did this last year as well, but due to chillier failure they all croaked!

It looks like a cross breed with the purple ones that I have in the tank.

Its good the barrier stops the eggs from getting to anywhere else, a little of the sperm would get past, but that’s all, if they can get a go on in your filter, they can be a serious blocking event that you do not want!!!! like i had in 86, the filter over flowed with that mass ofhundreds of tube worms in there. They were all temperate white ones; I converted an upright freezer as a chiller back then, they did too well.

This is the biggest at one and a half mill thick.


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Oops, I found a larger one! This one was so tinyjust a week back, gee they grow fast! Its hard to see but there is a very smallone between this one and the glass, you can just see what looks a line made by apen, sort of, heaps at that stage!


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