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WTB GOOD QUALITY 6x2x2 Setup Brisbane Area

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I am looking at Upgrading to a 6x2x2.

I am after a Good Quality ,well presented ,display quality ,timber cabinet/Hood/Tank ect .If your setup was purchased from Aquariums R us...No need to reply...

Please pm if you have one to sell ,or save my name and pm me if you are thinking of selling one in the near future.

Would be awesome if you have a colony of frontosa to sell as well!!!As that is what i am aiming at stocking it with.Enclosed is one that was on ebay the other day but it was a 8x2x2.I havent got the room for one that big!


Please send pics if you have some to inghamchooky@optusnet.com.au

Fill my Inbox up!


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I think he is mainly concerned with the stand design of the aquariums R us ones, they aren't the nicest of stands and judging from his pic he is after something ultra modern.

I have bought tanks from Aquariums R Us and they have been great, no problems at all.

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If the problem with Aquariums'R'Us isn't the stand as Mone suggests... I also would be interested to hear why chickadee wouldn't consider a Aquariums'R'Us setup. If it is the stands then fair enough.. they can be a bit wonky for the price... but the tanks have always seemed well made from my experience... & like mazmorbid... I'm thinking of buying another pretty soon so I'd like to know if there are problems!

Cheers. :D

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Sorry for the late reply but ive been flooded in at the Gympie Muster!Just got out of the bog hole today.

First of all, chickadee is FEMALE ,a fussy FEMALE.

As for Aquariums R Us i am not bagging them ,but you get what u pay for ,take a close look,And for a display tank , let me tell you theres better around!

Also Yes i will buy second hand if its what im looking for.

Thanks Alot Chickadee :lol:

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