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Jez C

JD Colour?

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Hello out there new to all this!!!

I have a question about the colour

of my Jack Dempsey? My JD is very

light in colour(pink cream)with a

thin black line the length of his body

And a back spot on his caudal fin

and all the other JDs I've seen and

looked at pictures of are really dark

if not black in areas and have much

bigger lines along the length of their

body's!!! Is mine really a JD or something

eles????? I am pretty confident it is?????

Anyway any info would be great!!!

And yes i got him az a male???? Anyone????

Better put a pic to show u all huh?

The top pic the lighter one is my JD

and the 2 other JDs are ones i got of Google!





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I find dempseys will not color up very well unless they are close to king of the tank , or at least feel unthreatened . I have mine on white sand with black painted back glass and they are almost black

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No stress???? Biggest and toughest in tank!!!

No female?????Trying to get my hands on EBJD

for him!!!!!!!!!!Has had same diet for two years????

Always been very light even with dark environment


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He eats he's staple hikari cichlid gold and then

i alternate lettuce spinach worms and prawn???

He has really good colouring blue green orange

spots all over!!!!! just his colour underneath

if you know what i mean????????????????

Heaps of energy!!!!!!!!!

Yep Green pools! Thanks

1st darker photo was when i first got him

he is in a mates tank!!!!!!!

2nd photo he is in a 2 month old new tank

about 6ish months ago!!!!!!!!!




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