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3Ft x 2Ft x 2Ft Setup + Electric Yellow Colony

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Condition: UsedPrice: 350Willing To Ship: Nolocation: Brisbane, Oxley AreaHey Guys,

Getting out of the hobby and have decided to sell my tanks, please feel free to get in touch if interested:


- 3 ft x 2ft x 2ft custom built tank.

- Has a very nice pine canopy and base with cubboard below for storage.

- Includes cichlid substrate to buffer PH

- Includes rocks in picture

- 300W heater

- Eheim canister filter suited to tank.

- Air pump + air stones.

- Dual t8 light (1 blue, 1 white bulb)


- Around 14 - 15 Electric Yellow (Have bred many times before) most are around 10 - 15cm in size.

- 2 x sailfin plecos (10cm+)

- 2 x Bristlenose catfish (8cm+)

Will also chuck in any other accessories I have, food, water treatment chems, etc.

Please contact me via PM here, or call/txt on: 0450 112 337 (note if I don't pick up I may be working so please text and I will reply)






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