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Have about 60-70kgs of coffs gravel after about $80ish fb69449f8ead123ce3d3f2856a80a622.jpg

Eheim filter has a very slow flow, many need new parts, was last in use about 6 months ago, $40 bef5b949bf69ca39441ecffeaca17e76.jpg

Biopro filter needs a new seal, $40 d2115b510807dc603e71570dbafa0825.jpg

Bag of fake plants FREE cd711fea44a9d8a85818a37e17cc48eb.jpg

Boat, bridge and skeleton $15fd22452bda4af48194b858361fe4ef43.jpg

Beamswork lights 3ft led $40 each or 2 for $70 10bdf81d5c5255f36d961ffb242a01af.jpg5c0e492e49d9a689b527dda34584da2f.jpg

Pet worx 4ft led about 4 months old $60 1849005cd3b58ecb210f328f881f3c1d.jpg

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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