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Going on holiday for 3 weeks - what to do?

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Hi all!

In December, I will be leaving for a much-deserved 3 week holiday over Christmas. However, I'm a bit worried as to how my fish are going to survive through this period of time. I don't have any family in town that I can get to mind the fish, and any reliable friends I have are also going out of town.

I have a 100L tank with 6 danios, 2 GBRs, 1 dwarf gourami and 1 BNP. It is a cycled tank. Planted, but no CO2 injection (I use liquid CO2). The filter is one that came with the aquarium, kinda like an integrated HOB. It filters at 550L/h.

Im happy to buy an electric fish food dispenser, I've heard those can be useful. Though I'm worried that the danios will eat all the food before the slower GBRs and the DG get any.

I'm mainly concerned about the lack of water changes through this relatively long period of time - is there anything I can do to prevent my fish dying? Would getting an extra filter help?

Also, give that it is summer and QLD, my apartment will get quite hot. I wouldn't be surprised if the room temp got >35 at times. Could this get dangerous for my fish? Should I get a cooler or something? (I don't even know if those exist)

Thank you all for any advice :)

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