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Algae mutates again!

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My local morph of laetevirens racemosa, which is the most morphic of all algae has been forming a new version of it self for nearly a year now and over half my algae area is it now, It was really taking over! I sort of didn't mind but I have no idea what will come of it, while still in with its original morph.

I took it al down made a new algae area and separated all the new version from the old version an set it up again with the original!

In over four years since this algae area has been set up, this is the second time this has happened and i sterilised the new one last time as well, it formed completely differently last time, but new species or a variation of an original species may become a prob in some way, so it had to die!

It is obviously racemosa, but to let it take over let alone exist, best to be careful!

Oh and all the forms cris cross through each other which is weird for racemosa and as each form matures they sort of look like a head with arms reaching up, strange!!


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