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Hi all,

I'm Carmelo. I've been keeping aquariums since I was a kid (started in 1987) in Italy and through the years I've had both freshwater and marine/coral systems.

Later on, I started doing research on fish for my PhD in Italy and then for my first postdoc in Germany.

Moved down under in September 2015 and now I'm eager to start fish/reef-keeping once again as I've never spent more than a few months without an aquarium since when I started! I will probably still need some time to get myself settled aquarium-wise but I'm also interested in exploring the local marine and freshwater wildlife. Indeed, I've already started going to some creeks close to home (public transport only for the moment) and dumping a minnow trap, just to see what I get...I'm sure my time in Australia will be a very interesting one!



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Suggestion - join one of the fish groups, and if you want to know about our Australian natives I suggest ANGFA. We have fish that are the envy of the world that we do not value highly enough here.

Thanks for the suggestion! Actually, I've joined ANGFA Queensland two days ago...I might join also some more marine-oriented group at some point...

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