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What did you get at the auction

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Seemed a night for quality fish. Seemed a night of good pacing. This is the auction my wife likes as no driftwood and plants to sit through, so no jokes from Steve about smoking....

I got a great couple of pictus, and my wife a pair of boreli. Also finally picked up a book I paid for some while ago (been a hectic year) and a microform culture.

Week done QCG on a top night, well done the auctioneers keeping the pace high, and well done the sellers for the quality of the fish I saw.

The fish of the night - black paradise fish......

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Got a little excited you could say!!!

43 in total hehehe

Blue Rams

Borneo suckers

Gold spot


Royal whips



Rummy nose

Gold gourami's

Rosy barbs


Cuckoo catfish

And must say very happy high quality

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we bought 4 longfin marbles and 6 longfin common bn, waiting until right at the end to buy them,

nice sized and top quality, but then knowing the seller i was never in doubt they would be good,

i have to agree, this has been the best auction we have been to for awhile,

well done to everybody who helped out,

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