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Toowoomba: WTB: Mixed aquarium live plants, White Cloud Minnows, Bloodfin Tetras

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Hi, my first post! I'm setting up a 2 foot cold water tank in my school's science department, to demonstrate aquaponics on a very small scale. The school would of course gladly receive donations, but I don't expect anything for free. We'd like to add some plants, and either of 6 White Cloud Minnows, or 6 Bloodfin Tetras first, just to cycle the tank and get our biofilter up to speed. Then we'll add the other variety later, and just 3 gold fish (realising the risk of excess ammonia, which our system will be built up to combat). School is North Toowoomba, but I travel in from west of town, so any where kind of local is OK for me to come and pick up. Thanks in advance.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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