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Wanted to buy...

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Yooooooooooooooooooooo !!!

I am after some cheap driftwood and 3 or 4 Bristlenose logs

Gunna breed me some Longfin Peppies !!!

Lemme know wat u got

Must be Southside prefer Logan area


WTF?? @borntobehopeless This is not the trader section w a n k e r!

I have some spare driftingwood you can have for a negotiated price.

"Longfin Peppies" hahaha!

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Blame Mick....

He started cheatin first !!!

its all about exposure ya know


Who the hell is the mbunamafia fella anyway

Its not the friggin Soprano's ffs... heheeee


"All about exposure" Yep you would know all about that.

I can trade you some driftingwood for enscacastrated brine shrimp eggs.

I presume you wanna breed Bettas in an IBC ur getting?

Onya Daz!! [MENTION=30]raycam01_au[/MENTION] thinks he is king [or queen?] of the Bettas fill ur IBC with em that'll make him jealous.

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