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Java Moss issues

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Hey guys

I'm new to the planted tank and haven't had the best track record with plants in my tanks. I've started a new planted tank and are having some issues with my Java Moss.fb024d1a62c7a6c16f1fa28421bf98fa.jpgb2c8c20348dad814ad14b9407281174e.jpg6c9bee2e12e8514c130c8e0ecbeadb98.jpg

So has anyone else ever encountered that white/grey furry stuff on there Java moss? And as you can see there is some die back so I'm trying to work out if this stuff is causing it.

Any help or ideas would be great.



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Never seen anything like it and I have grown Java moss for more than 20 years.

It looks almost like some fungus. Was it on the moss when you got it? If so, can you get in touch

with the supplier to find out if they know?

There are also some strands of staghorn algae, but they are easily removed and

nothing to worry about.

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