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Another go at it, lol, they are sort of getting there!

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They are promoting plankton I think it is called dymico and advanced----- did a thing on it, I haven't read it, the link follows, but no I do not use plankton, I synthesis how it works by other means but still naturally, its far too complex to go into!

It took me all these years to get each bit working and understand it all and I have tried to show others how it works but they don't get it! Period!!!!!! Plus it is labour intensive and the ways in which it works, defy all the ways you are advised to achieve a reef at home.

I mean just one part of this I was destroying the importing low caulerpenyne algae trimmings in certain ways and not throwing it away and using its contents and returning it to enable valuable natural actions, it makes no sense to the way reefers are advised

I mean its been a given from many years back from quite a bit of diving seeing life out there in action and taking many home and much more, then you get to understand that plankton is the oceans cleaner, let alone where the start for near all marine life occurs and having this function for my tank was a must and it took well over 20 years focused on just that, till I got it to work out, really well and not with plankton!!

There are no algae, single or combined species that can achieve what diatoms, as just one major part of plankton, can achieve in filtering the ocean of basically everything!

But I found one after looking for over 20 years, well my wife actually found it and the implications were astounding! Sadly I found once I got on a site or two that the net is chockers with monetary interests and opinions, not much else!

I once read what gave earth it's oxygen and life to autotrophs, so I was inspired, there must be a way to achieve that in a small space and there was!

So stupid me went to "that forum else where", what a stupid thing that was to do!!

Anyway with my well versed physical understanding of all this and hopeless with any wording, I did it!

No one i have shown can get it right, no mater what I did to show the multitude of functions that are all required to make it work, so its no more and I am glad of that!

Oh and on a south African forum, that sadly bears the same initials as "else where", lol, said my ways were like the new triton method, lol, not likely!

At least this idea will let some folks get an insight into how incredible important plankton is to ours and all lifes existence.


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