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Frozen - Brine, Daphnia, Krill and Cyclops - $1.30 a pack.....

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At least I got some Daphnia :bolt:

That was lucky as once we are out of stock of the Daphnia - it will be the end of the ultra cheap price for it so there is only about 70-80 units left. We do have more brine coming for you [MENTION=12862]Affinity[/MENTION] and more brine for sale - should have approx 400 brine available by Saturday. Just to give you a run down - we were helping a wholesaler as he has closed down and we were just sacrificing the stock to help him clear it, so he did not have to pay too much in cold storage and when it is gone - that will be the end of the of the special so get it while you can and stock up while it is supa cheap.

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